The Places of Leonardo - The Da Vinci Trail

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Where does rubber come from? How much oil do we wear? How important are adhesive substances in making things? Anyone who has always loved to ask questions about the world will not miss a chance to find many of the answers.

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology is located in an Olivetan monastery that was built in the heart of Milan in the early 1500s. It covers some 400,000 square feet and is the largest scientific-technical museum in Italy. Ever since it was established in 1953, it has been an important place for the understanding of scientific phenomena and for their technological and practical utilization.

In accord with an educational approach characterized by discovery and exploration, the Museum has worked with Moleskine on a project that offers a useful tool for getting to know a Milan that is under our very eyes, if only we knew where and how to look.

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"The Places of Leonardo ¬- The Da Vinci Trail" is a special edition Moleskine notebook that has two parts. The first is a Milan City Notebook with a customized paper band and silkscreen on the flyleaf that has everything one needs to explore the city. The location of the Museum can be found on the map thanks to the special removable transparent sheets, and there is also a system of symbols, developed by the Museum itself, with appropriate stickers. All useful ways to jot down the places of personal interest. The second part is a booklet (bilingual, even in its title) which indicates the places that show Leonardo's extraordinary imprint, as a way to explore Milan through his work.

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Because the objective of the Museum, as one can read on its web-site, is exactly this: to offer "a course of discovery, experience, emotion, and understanding that is accessible to all."

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