capsule490.jpg(capsule) is a fashion and lifestyle trade event for small, unique fashion houses as well as boutique offerings from larger brands. The show is run by BPMW, which represents a number of larger, mostly men's, clothing companies. The idea for (capsule) was born a few years ago out of a need for an alternative trade show for the industry. This fresh, progressive approach borrows inspiration from today's mash-up culture, focusing on the beauty that lies in the mix of both high and low culture.

Setting itself apart from a standard trade show, the look and feel of (capsule) is carefully structured to be more intimate, give free rein to creativity, and allow the smaller producers to step in the spotlight. The show originated in New York and is now in three cities. In Paris and New York, the Men's and Women's shows are held as separate events. Las Vegas also hosts (capsule) shows, combining both Men's and Women's fashions.


Participating designers have included Stussy Deluxe, G-Shock, STINE GOYA, Victor Glemaud, United Bamboo, Crate, Nike Sportswear, Riviera Club and Rockport Orange, among many, many others. In January and February 2010, a twin set of custom Moleskine notebooks were created for the New York Men's and Women's shows, as well as for a show held in Paris. The planner and sketchbook were given to the advisory board, exhibitors, and select VIP.

As (capsule) works closely with THEME magazine and the associated EMEHT agency, they were called to design the cover and band. The artwork came from Tina Berning,  who was this year's select artist and created art for the rest of the 2010 show's visual identity.