Alicante 2008


The Volvo Ocean Race is considered to be the most extreme nautical competition in history. Recently held for the tenth time, this contest that started in the Spanish port of Alicante on October 11, 2008 had several new things about it. The distance was some forty-one thousand miles, the longest ever, with eleven stages from Alicante to St. Petersburg. It was also the most treacherous, since the conquest of Asia, with planned stages in India, China, and Singapore, would extend the route to places that were very dangerous. The stop that the various crews feared the most was Cape Horn, where the Atlantic and the Pacific meet, with waves up to one hundred feet high and very strong winds.

"Alicante 2008-2009" is the name of the organization that managed the start of the event and the departure from Alicante. It was the first time that the competition began in a Mediterranean port, and an important moment for Alicante itself, which would become noticed on the world stage by all the fans of nautical sports thanks to the coverage by the media and the millions of visitors. In order to celebrate the event, an area that was the largest ever in the history of regattas was prepared: a village of some 150,000 square feet with every form of entertainment for visitors, including bars, restaurants, and spaces for concerts, shows, and activities. In addition, there was a special area of some 170,000 square feet set aside for the crews.


These teams that would challenge the sea at its most dangerous were comprised of two boats from Sweden (Ericsson 3 and 4), two from Spain (Telefonica Blue and Black), one from Russia (Russian Challenge), one from the U.S. (Puma Ocean Racing), and a combined Chinese-Irish boat (Green Dragon Team).

Moleskine played its part in the event with a personalized notebook that printed the Alicante 2008-2009 logo on the paper band and embossed it on the cover.

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