Alice nella Città - Rome

Alice nella Città

The secret to the success of the International Film Festival of Rome is its ability to be both a popular attraction and a high-class cultural event. It is a mix that is able to bring together at one time those who are great fans of film and those who have never even been to a film festival at all.

Presented for the third time, the Festival took place from October 22 to 31, 2008. It offered new films and retrospectives, along with meetings, exhibits, concerts, and the presence of great international stars.

As always, a key part of the proceedings was "Alice in the City," a festival of film and literature for children. It offered a program of international selections dedicated to cinema created by and for the younger generation. Built around a group of twelve films in competition with each other, this mini-festival is always on the lookout for unreleased films. It is a way for the festival to raise its profile with the public, and to carve out for itself an important niche in the field of international cinema.


The prize-winners this year were "Magique!" by Philippe Muyl, in the 8 to 12 year-old category, and "Summer" by Kenneth Glenaan, in the 13 to 17 year-old category.

Alice nella Città

"Alice 2008," directed by Gianluca Giannelli, once again offered an opportunity for in-depth study, meetings, and new developments in the field of art for children.Same as in previous festivals, Moleskine has given young people a special way to express themselves, with two notebooks specially produced for the event. One is a reporter-style notebook and the other a cahier-style journal, both with a personalized paper band in the unmistakeable style of Marti Guixé.

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