Auditorium parco della Musica

Auditorium parco della Musica In recent years Rome has become one of the most important capitals in Europe. This is due to a multitude of projects aimed at renewal and development which have taken place on many levels, from town planning and the city's road network to local welfare and cultural events. Among these is the Auditorium Parco della Musica, a building complex which is not just an auditorium but almost a city in itself. It has three concert halls, plus an open-air amphitheater, a large rehearsal hall, and a large hall for making recordings.

Auditorium parco della Musica The founding members of the complex are the City of Rome (which has granted a ninety-nine year concession on the property), an organization known as the Immobile Auditorium alla Fondazione Musica per Roma, the Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Rome, and the Region of Lazio. Together, they have given life to a place that, ever since its opening on December 21, 2002, has enjoyed great success due to the quality of its offerings and the large numbers of people who have attended its events.
The concerts of symphonies and chamber music are mingled with other kinds of musical programs, along with first-run cinema, theatrical productions, art exhibits, and literary performances. The halls also host fashion shows, meetings, and conventions.

Auditorium parco della Musica Renzo Piano, the architect of the Auditorium, has emphasized its most crucial function, which is to enrich the experience of urban life in Rome. The Auditorium is not just a facility for music. It is also a place to find pizza, it is the people who work there, its shops, its bars, and its restaurants. The cultural spaces, on the other hand, have their natural purpose of enriching and stimulating the urban fabric, of saving the city from decline, and of restoring to Rome the special qualities for which it has been known throughout history.
Moleskine, which is always active in cultural initiatives, has participated in this extraordinary project and produced a personalized notebook that is available in the bookstore of the Auditorium.
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