The Barcolana is a famous European sailing regatta started in 1969 by the Sailing Club of Barcola and Grignano. It takes place in Barcola, on the Gulf of Trieste, each year on the second Sunday in October.
For all those who participate, whether directly or as tourists, it is also much more: something eagerly awaited, a holiday, an example of the competitive spirit, and a major event. As an experience it is hard to forget, and for that reason it deserves, like all special stories, to be told and preserved for the future.


This year the regatta was the most crowded in the Mediterranean, with some two thousand sailboats ready at the starter's signal. Each crew was given a wonderful Moleskine notebook and invited to use it to tell the story of each individual Barcolana, something which all the shipowners experience first-hand, year after year.

With the regatta now in its fortieth year, the story of the Barcolana is told through the voices of those who actively participate in it: the great champions of sailing and the sailing enthusiasts who each year embark on an autumn cruise up the Adriatic in order to reach Trieste and take part in something unique.


Moleskine accompanies the Barcolana on the voyage, with its own story in a limited edition dedicated exclusively to the sailors who participate in the regatta. The notebook is the large-size version, with a personalized paper band and an embossed logo.

In this way the diary of the event becomes like a ship's logbook, a place to gather one's thoughts about the sea and to record the emotions that come from being a participant in one of the most enthralling and exciting regattas in the world. It is a way to set down on paper, in the spirit of a traveller, the experience of the fortieth regatta, and to be able to say, "I was there as well."

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