Biografilm Festival - Bologna


There are worthwhile stories to listen and there are people aware of how much counts telling them.
The third edition of the Biografilm Festival took place in Bologna from 6th to 10th June 2007. It is dedicated to extraordinary characters, whose lives offer innumerable cues to ponder crucial themes of twentieth century' politic, history, costume, culture and art.
With its 14 movies and 9 countries represented, the Festival brought on the visitor attention the most interesting outcomes of the biografilm international production.

Bio_01.gifThis year focus paid homage to 5 main figures: John Belushi, non-conformist actor, radical, unpredictable; Fela Kuti, considered as the most important African musician ever existed; Thomas Alva Edison, the prolific inventor of the Modern life; Danilo Dolci, poet, pedagogue and peace promoter; and Giovanni B.Belzoni, explorer, archaeologist, man of circus and theatre, often neglected by the official archaeology.
Many were the events that made this edition appealing: the very first day, Cinema Lumiére showed "Stephen Tobolowsky's birthday party", Robert Brinkmann's debut as movie and TV producer.
It is him who tailed the actor by the complicate name (one of the well known Hollywood faces) on his birthday and made one of the funniest and more curious movies of the last years.
But there was also place dedicated to the music: an homage to the king of the ballroom dance Raoul Casadei, and "How many roads", a documentary on how much Bob Dylan poetry has influenced America.

Bio_02.gifBiografilm Festival paid also homage to a famous journalist: "When I decided to dedicate a tribute to a great biographer every year, Gianni Minà came immediately up to my mind" says Andrea Romeo, artistic director of the Festival.
We find a perfect synthesis of the Festival spirit in Minà quotation: "I have always tried to connect and tell about men and complex situations that, perhaps, haven't been explained honestly to people owing to prejudice".

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