Chatwin Prize

The Chatwin Prize
Few names are as strongly linked to the words "travel" and "nomadism" as that of Bruce Chatwin. He said that he inherited his restlessness from his mother, and to his grandfather he gave the credit for passing on a desire and a passion for walking. How much was due to genetics and how much to his temperament cannot be known, but the result has given us one of the greatest photographers and writers of the twentieth century. In his work Chatwin mixed different literary elements, such as interior reflection, ethnographic analysis, and the travel diary, in order to create a blend that is extraordinary and fascinating. The prize named after him was established in 2001 in order to spread among both professional and amateur travelers an awareness of other peoples and cultures and of the innumerable worlds to be encountered and discovered when on the move. Moleskine, which was Chatwin's favorite companion on his travels, is now back at his side in this initiative, once more offering its pages for narratives about the experience of travel.

The Chatwin PrizeThe Chatwin PrizeThe Chatwin Prize

It is a notebook designed with a specific purpose, and has three components: a classic notebook, perfect for holding stories; another notebook with a collection of narratives about the prize; and, finally, a leaflet with the program of the event and a list of the people taking part. 

The Chatwin PrizeThe sixth presentation of the Chatwin Prize, which is awarded in Italy and known in Italian as "Camminando per il mondo" ("Walking across the globe") took place in Genoa from November 13th to 17th. It was devoted to travel réportage and gave several special prizes to well known people associated with the theme of travel. These included Luca Zingaretti (for "An Artist in the World"), Fulco Pratesi (for "A World to be Saved"), Jason Elliot (for "Authors Beyond the Frontier"), and Stefano Malatesta (for "A Life of Travel and Literary Passion").

The Chatwin PrizeThe "Viaggi di carta" prize was given to Paolo Rumiz for his "The Legend of the Seafaring Mountains."

The réportage dealing with the voluntary organization "Love Without Borders" has shown itself to be an important medium for solidarity, consenting [?] to interventions on behalf of children in Corumbà, Brazil; on behalf of deaf-mute children in Ouarzazate, Morocco; and leading to the construction of a school for "The Children of Nosy Bé" in Madagascar. This year the prize was given, for the first time jointly, to "Help Afghanistan" by Giuseppe Bosio and "I Have Also Eaten Soap Bubbles" by Pamela Garberini.

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The Chatwin Prize