Detour490px.jpgArt is a wanderer, always changeable and in constant need of interaction. So to find a particular "place" for Art is, in itself, if not a contradiction at least an interesting challenge. 

Moleskine met the challenge with an idea, which was to create a travelling exhibit that could hold and display notebooks produced by artists, designers, writers, illustrators, and anyone capable of finding in the pages of a small object a large field on which to express himself.

This was the birth of Detour, a display to which visitors are invited in order to browse the accessible but protected pages of unique objects produced according to the artistic sensibilities of their creators. 

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Detour 3.jpgDetour 4.jpg

The first exhibition was held in London in 2006, followed by others in New York, Paris, and Berlin (in that city from October 30 to November 15, 2008).

Connected to Detour is MyDetour, a project that provides an opportunity for individuals to present their own personalized notebooks and to participate in the travelling exhibit. A special jury selects the best Moleskine notebooks and the winners are invited to be part of the exhibit at its next location, which then becomes an important occasion for the exchange of ideas and new discoveries.

To enter the world of Detour: