Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

The Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival is the largest documentary festival in the world. Since 1988, the festival is an exciting meeting place for directors, producers, buyers, financiers and audiences alike. IDFA is unique for its international film programme, the variety of genres, its politically committed programme and the many European and world premieres featured each year.

idfa_01.jpgThe selection takes place on the basis of clear criteria: IDFA searches for documentaries that are cinematically intriguing or innovative, are relevant or highly topical to society at large, and stimulate the viewer to reflect, discuss and ask questions.
IDFA has always focused on creative documentaries. This means that IDFA chooses films that express the personal vision of the maker. The documentary-maker is therefore an artist - not a journalist. The laws of journalism therefore do not apply to the creative documentary; but they are also characterised primarily by artistic qualities: innovation, originality, expressiveness and cultural/historical value.

idfa_02.jpgAs we can read on the website (, in the mission section: "In a good documentary, the form is no less important than the content. IDFA is most interested in films that reveal the documentary tradition in a new light. In filmmakers that forge their own path, or give a new twist to an existing movement. Whether this cinematographic renewal ensues from technical changes - such as the advent of the digital camera - or a highly personal concept of style, interest in form is a crucial characteristic of auteur cinema".
Renowned directors such as Werner Herzog, Kazuo Hara, Robert Kramer, Michael Moore and Ulrich Seidl have all received special attention at IDFA in the past. In addition, every year brings new discoveries of interesting young innovative filmmakers; recent examples include Victor Kossakovksy, Sergei Dvortsevoy and Yoav Shamir.
The social relevance of a documentary is of great importance to IDFA that reflects the characteristics, the changes and the contradictions of our society.

idfa_03.jpgMoleskine contributed to the event with a personalised notebook, documented, too, and, at the same time, perfect place where to document.

IDFA 2007 will take place from 22nd November to 2nd December.