OOC - Beijing


The Olympic Games take place every four years. It is an event in which the best athletes of the world compete in almost all the different sports practiced on the five continents.

Together with soccer's World Cup, it is one of the most important mass media events.Today, there are two hundred three countries that participate in the Olympics, and it is interesting to note that this number is larger than the membership of the United Nations, which is one hundred ninety-three. This is because the ICO (the International Olympic Committee, established in 1894) allows participation without regard to any nation's type of government.


At present, the ICO has one hundred fifteen members that meet at least once each year for the purpose of supervising the organization of the Games. Austria is one of the member countries, with its own national committee known as the OOC (for Österreichisches Olympisches Comité). The 2008 Games were held in Beijing. In 2012 it will be London's turn.

For the games in Beijing, the OOC asked Moleskine to create two products especially for the event.

A single notebook was designed in two formats, for different purposes: one large size and the other pocket size. Each was personalized with a yellow paper band and the committee logo embossed in gold on the cover. The large notebook was given to sponsors and prominent people closely connected to the OOC. The pocket notebook was a gift for the OOC athletes who competed.Moleskine is always full of surprises: for the 2008 Games a City Notebook on Beijing was planned. This is the wonderful notebook-guide for those who wish to explore a city and jot down their own impressions.