Parole in gioco

Parole in gioco

A word is a skillful shape-shifter. It can be taken apart, put back together, multiplied, and modified in endless ways. This innate gift was the inspiration for "Parole in gioco," the festival conceived by Stefano Bartezzaghi and Maria Perosino that is dedicated to playing with words.

In 2008, its third year, the festival was held in Urbino, the capital of Utopia, on October 10th, 11th, and 12th. Moleskine, always a faithful comrade where words are concerned, was there with something very special, an invaluable tool for the person who wishes to issue a challenge in language: a notebook with two inserts conceived and produced for the occasion.

Parole in giocoThe first insert, called "The game of broken verses," includes an envelope with three small sheets, each of which has thirty-five small adhesive stickers on it. Written on the stickers in random order are various words that make up familiar texts and poems that most Italians have read and believe they know well. The challenge is to try to reassemble the words by attaching the stickers in the correct order in the Moleskine notebook.The second insert, called "The little book of the three narrated days," is a precursor to the "Game of the narrated days," which are the 10th, 11th, and 12th of October, as told by three great writers of the past in three pages of literature chosen by Antonella Sbrilli.

Parole in giocoThe notebook, which is given to everyone who participates in the workshop, is available in both the regular version and the cahier version, with a personalized paper band and the festival logo on the cover.

Parole in gioco

Three days in which to learn, to reflect, to be entertained, and to play with words, whether they are written, spoken, or illustrated.

"... all the odd and magical things that men have always made from the fanciful combination of words and letters, with an intuition that language is a tool for both saying and not saying, for explaining but also for deceiving, for argument but also for play."

Stefano Bartezzaghi

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