Rock 'n Music

rocknmusic490px.jpgIt might surprise anyone who is not a collector of objects. And yet it is owing precisely to the instincts of a collector (something defined only with the passage of time) that we had the largest exhibition in Europe ever dedicated to musical memorabilia. It took place in Milan's Piazza Duomo from October 18, 2008 to March 15, 2009.

Fifty years of the history of Rock'n'Roll were told through objects, writings, drawings, musical instruments, photos, and video interviews with the great stars of music. Red Ronnie, the famous television host and owner of the immense collection, explained the birth of the exhibit in this way: "The moment had arrived for me to share with others all of the historic material that I had accumulated over the years, the importance of which becomes even more basic if you consider that music is the most widespread form of culture in this era and that the lyrics of songs are the poetry of the modern world."

As a way to collect these memories, along with those of the future, Moleskine produced two personalized notebooks. One is a lined notebook, the other is a set of two cahiers. Both have the event's logo printed on the paper band, and the logo is also embossed on the cover.

The two objects are part of the merchandise produced for the exhibit, which was open every day from ten in the morning until ten at night.

The art of preserving and safekeeping our emotions often carries us to far off places.

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