Sigur Rós and Moleskine

For sure fans of Sigur Rós, the Icelandic band formed in 1994 to describe, through sounds, the wonders of their land, know that the name of the groups comes from the name of the sister of Jónsi, the singer (Sigurrós, literally means "Rose of Victory" born in august of that same year).
Something that they might not know is that the Moleskine that were part of their merchandising of their 2006 tour was entirely designed by the group.

Sigur Ros and MoleskineSigur Ros and MoleskineSigur Ros and Moleskine

Experimentation has always been vital to the creative component of the band, that expresses itself with the icelandic language and what is called "hopelandic", a language invented by the singer as he considers the voice as a musical instrument, rid of messages.
The same desire to find new and unique creative solutions brought them to package and seals on their own, the first prints of Àgætis Byrjun ("A good beginning"), the album that brought their fame and international success, resulting in many Cds being unreadable due to the glue dropped on them during packaging.

Sigur_01.jpg Sigur Rós however have produced a product deeply linked with the essence and image of the band (without counter-indication), resulting in a set of three Moleskine Cahier with a Havana coloured cover, interpreted in the front, back and outer band.
The dreamlike and evocative graphic mark was reproduced on the notebook using transaparent colours and iridescent images, alongside Sigur Ros logo.
A large Notebook decorated by the band was give to Moleskine.

Sigur_03.jpgThe latter is not for sale but visable in the images. To get to know better the band: and