The Scoop on Moleskine

Woody Allen is a filmaker's filmmaker-- Scoop, his latest effort, is a murder mystery and romantic comedy rolled into one. Starring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson, not to mention Woody Allen himself, the film tells the story of an American journalism student visiting friends in London who gets the scoop of a lifetime on a grisly series of murders, but finds that her new romantic interest may well be the dangerous killer she's looking for.
Producer Focus Features was looking for an unusual gift for attendees of the film's press screenings. Focus needed an object that would capture the spirit of journalism and the underlying idea of the film. The Moleskine reporter notebook did the trick, as it's a flexible medium that accompanies journalists everywhere in pursuit of their stories and an ideal choice for journalists or film critics.

scoop_01.jpgMoleskine created a set of two customized notebooks for Focus Features: a reporter notebook and a classic pocket notebook, creating perfect match that allowed the producers to satisfy a wide variety of preferences among a very fussy audience: film critics. Both notebooks were foil stamped in red with the logo of the film, creating a tense, striking contrast with the Moleskines' coal black covers.
Each notebook featured the classic Moleskine paper band in red, complimenting the film's logo. The two notebooks were shrink wrapped together with the customized covers facing outwards, front and back, creating an impressive presentation that certainly facilitated brand recognition whichever way it was approached. Focus Features is now a regular client, and so far as the notebooks go, the critics loved 'em!