Acevo was founded in 1987 by a group of chief executives who wanted to recognise the unique leadership qualities in the third sector.
When the actual Chief Executive, Stephen Bubb, was elected in 2000, the staff counted on 6 people and 500 members. Since then, it has had an ever-growing development in strength and size to the organisation that now has over 2000 members and 21 employees.

Acevo_01.jpgThe aim of the network is to develop, connect and support third sector leaders across Europe in order to make the sector more innovative and professional.
It does this through a range of training programmes, quality protocols, trans-national peer learning events in order to put members across Europe on the same directory length. Thanks to these activities, third sector is made more professional and effective. Acevo is based in London even if from February 2005 it started its collaborations over United Kingdom borders. Acosvo, the twined network in Scotland, and Acovo in Northern Ireland.
By 2006, international activity has been encouraged with two specific aims: firstly to build a European network of third sector leaders - Euclid - a project promoted by partnership with France and Sweden associates; secondly to assist Acevo's members in Nigeria and Italy, countries that have asked Acevo's support to develop theirs national professional organisations.

Acevo_02.jpgMoleskine has edited a personalised notebook for Acevo (given as a gift to all members) both in 2006 and 2008. Another notebook has been created for Euclid.
Euclid will be created in a three step strategy: the first step is the launch in Paris, the second step is a period of incubation, where Euclid will be hosted by Acevo, and step three will be full independence of Euclid, which is hoped to be achieved by the end of 2007.
Euclid has currently more than 300 members in 17 European countries.

Acevo_03.jpgThis year, for Acevo's 20th anniversary celebration, the special notebook edition has been distributed during the event to celebrate this important achievement.

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