Design Pubblico Milano

Design Pubblico Milano
Can we survive design? Can we survive in a city that, for one week, dedicates itself to one of the biggest international fair of design? Maybe yes, especially if there's a group of designers, "Esterni", that for the last 12 years dedicated itself in finding new ways to perceive public spaces and propose alternative ways of living together in a city. If portable fountains, naked sidewalks, urban sight spots, creative laboratories in dumping places surprise you, you should know that those are only a few of the "cultural democratic projects" realized with the aim of creating a new type of design, focused on contents and public usage. They are projects conceived in Milan, from a constant and attentive analysis of the city, but that can be easily adaptable to other situations, and put forward in any city of the world.

Design Pubblico MilanoMoleskine, in the occasion of the urban event that for the last 10 years Esterni proposes as an alternative to the International Furniture Fair (from 16th to 23rd of April 2007) was given, in the Citybook edition, to all the designers who participated in two of the major Public Design initiatives: the House of Designers and the Bed sharing. The first one is a contemporary guest house, on its 3rd edition, created by Esterni together with Politecnico of Milan and built from the 16th to the 23rd of April at the Bovisa campus.
It's a meeting  place of social and cultural exchange, an exciting way of experiencing a new city, with 100 bed spaces available, a chill out area with an international news agent, a library, an internet point and a bike rental service.
The purpose of the bed sharing was to offer an organized hospitality, gathering those searching for a place to stay and those offering it. Anyone who disposes a minimum space of 2 squared metres can fill out the form and participate in the initiative that this year welcomed more than 80 people.

Design Pubblico MilanoIDuring one of its most exciting moments the city become an enormous space to explore and Moleskine the key to understand it, read it, live it.
The main features of this version of the notebook are the map of Milan, the translucid papers to mark places of interest and the stickers to subdivide various attractions. On the Public Design website you can find the link to Moleskine cityblog listing all the exciting  news and events about the city. A way that enables visitors, but also those who live in Milan, to discover new places and meet new people.