sfmoma490.jpgPowered by the idea that art and museums can transform lives, SFMOMA is a nonprofit organization of over 350 individuals who believe in the challenges and experiences that stem from embracing the new and the unexpected.

Founded in 1935, SFMOMA was the first West Coast institution devoted to modern and contemporary art. Located just a short walk from downtown San Francisco, their iconic building, designed by Mario Botta in 1995, features a patterned brick facade, topped by a soaring cylindrical turret finished in black and white stone. The interior, flooded with natural light, houses exhibitions culled from their collection of over 26,000 artworks, photographs, and design objects by both modern masters and emerging artists.

Committed to exploring new ways of thinking about museum practice, SFMOMA has launched a variety of special projects in recent years. Among them, the Explore Modern Art Project presents an exceptional online environment to learn about modern and contemporary art. Matters in Media Art is an ongoing research collaboration between the New Art Trust, Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, and Tate Modern that is developing guidelines for the care and preservation of time-based media works. SFMOMA is also a participating partner in Steve: The Art Museum Social Tagging Project, in which visitors label images they view with their own keywords, addressing the gap between the way art historians and museum professionals present artwork, and the way it is understood by the general public.

On January 18, 2010, SFMOMA will celebrate its 75th year. A year-long Anniversary Show will bring together more than 400 seminal works from the collection, including work by Frida Kahlo, Jeff Koons, Sherrie Levine, Jackson Pollock and Barry McFee, among many others. As visitors explore fresh ways of engaging with art while wandering the SFMOMA galleries, they can now jot down their thoughts or pencil in some sketches in two custom-edition notebooks.



Designed by Martin Venezky of Appetite Engineers, the pocket notebook and sketchbook feature bold, shiny imagery foil-stamped on the cover that interacts with the eye-catching paperband. Realized in August 2009, the notebooks are currently on sale at the museum store.