Bollati Boringhieri Editore

Bollati Boringhieri

The year 2007 saw the celebration of a very important anniversary in the history of Italian culture. It was the fiftieth birthday of the publishing house Editore Boringhieri. The founder was Paolo Boringhieri, formerly an editor at Einaudi. With  a strong sense of its deep roots in Italy, Editore Boringhieri was responsible for the publication in Italian of the works of Freud, Jung, Einstein, and the major physicists of the twentieth century.Up until that time no publishing program had attempted to integrate the culture of science with that of literature and philosophy.Starting in 1987, with Paolo Boringhieri's retirement, Giulio Bollati would carry the firm forward, continuing and expanding its work.For the fiftieth anniversary Moleskine has produced a special personalized notebook, with the logo of the publishing house on the cover and a phrase taken from John Berger's novel Lilac and Flag on the paper band.

Bollati BoringhieriBollati BoringhieriBollati Boringhieri

The inside has a suitably designed booklet with selections from Berger's work on the inside and one of his watercolors on the outside.

Bollati BoringhieriThe choice of Berger was due to the writer's extraordinary presence at the thirtieth anniversary of A77, the volunter group established in 1977 that works in the fields of poverty and marginalization, especially with young people. Through processes of liberation and education, it promotes social, cultural, and human development.

Bollati Boringhieri Bollati Boringhieri Editoriale has chosen to present its personalized special Moleskine during the celebration honoring thirty years of activity by A77, giving it to its authors, the press, and friends of the publishing house.Two realities united by one commitment: to promote culture and its transmission in order to protect and enrich mankind.

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