Faber and Faber

FABER 490px.jpgFaber and Faber is a historic British publishing house that was founded in 1929 by Geoffrey Faber. In its early years it published authors such as Ezra Pound, Jean Cocteau, Herbert Read, Max Eastman, George Rylands, and John Dover Wilson.

Today the list includes many other famous authors and boasts a wide range of literary genres.

The house promotes literature in all its forms, organizing meetings, readings, and writing courses. Among these courses is a project known as the Faber Academy, which consists of a series of workshops on various themes of literary interest led by well-known authors in different European cities.

Besides events in London and Dublin, the workshops in 2009 boasted one that took place in Paris. From March 12th to 15th, at the historic and prestigious Shakespeare and Company bookstore (http://www.shakespeareco.org/), the authors Jill Dawson and Louise Doughty dedicated themselves to the themes of motivation and inspiration as ways to overcome "writer's block" and regain creative energy.

In a similar way, Moleskine could not help but make its own contribution to the project.

This took the form of tools that enable a person to fulfill a desire for self-expression, and to discover and explore the city of Paris: a classic lined notebook, and a City Notebook.

Both notebooks were personalized and dedicated to the participants of the course.
For further info: http://www.faber.co.uk