Festival of Letters 2006

Festival of Letters
What are the adequate words when addressing God?
The Festival of Letters, in its second edition of 2006, proposing this theme collected more than 1700 replies.
Many people welcomed the invite to  "once again stain their hands with ink"  documenting their thoughts on paper.
Organised by the Cultural Association '356 gradi' and sponsored by the municipality of Segrate and the province of Milan, the festival gives  space to memories, to received letters and to those never put down on paper, to those preserved for at least twenty years and to words that we love to read again and again: the "letter in the drawer".

Moleskine, sponsor of the Festival for the second year running, has produced the catalogue, confronting itself with the mission to put forward a project that would preserve the individuality of each single winning letter and would give back the poetry and intimacy of those words.
Moleskine memo pockets with its accordion pockets allow to store all the letters, in small legible sheets, including the winning letter for best calligraphy. The name of the project 'catalogue' doesn't fully correspond to the sensations given: sensations given by a personal diary or a collection of precious stories.
The letters have been divided into different age groups (from 6 to 93 years old) each contained in one pocket, organising this event that brought together a huge variety of people with the common intent to auto describe themselves.

Festival of Letters
The prize giving saw the participation of, with their own letters printed on Moleskine, personalities such as Lorenzo Cherubini, Marco Paolini and Moni Ovadia, in occasion of the project "Epistodiario for Emergency".
The notepads with the letters of Marco Paolini and Moni Ovadia were protagonist of an auction on e-Bay and were bought for more than 500 euros each.

Festival of LettersFor those who want to participate in the Festival delle Lettere, the theme of the 2007 edition is "letters to the genie".