Mantua Festivaletteratura 2008


The reason that Mantua's Festivaletteratura, or Festival of Literature, is special is explained by Fiorenza Brioni, the mayor of the city: "Each year sees the return of the curiosity, the desire, and the passion with which we experience these unique days. They always provide precious experiences, a chance for deep study, dialogues between different thoughts and cultures, and opportunities for conversation and reflection, as well as moments full of relaxation and the great pleasure of being together, in a way that is never trite."


Just as in earlier years, the twelfth presentation of the festival, which lasted from September 3rd to 7th, 2008, turned all of Mantua, including the historic city-center, the shops, the cafes, and the restaurants, into a very lively place. There was a rich program of meetings between authors and personalities from the world of culture, all of them chosen out of curiosity and a desire to discover new writers and new stories, but without neglecting well-established authors, many of whom gladly return to Mantua each year.

Festivaletteratura First-time participants in the festival included Scott Turow, Jonathan Safran Foer, Nicole Krauss, William Langewiesche, Eugenio Scalfari, Paolo Villaggio, and Sebastian Faulks, the new author of the James Bond stories. Special attention was paid to the centenary of the birth of Cesare Pavese.

Moleskine was a participant this year as well, with a personalized notebook given to all the authors and to all the festival volunteers. The notebook was also on sale at the festival bookshop. The notebook's paper band had a photo by Moreno Gentili showing the outlines of Mantua's Palazzo della Ragione. The cover had a drawing by the illustrator Nora Krug, whose work also appeared on the festival guidebook.

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