Michelin and Moleskine
Those who love good food and a good night's sleep know that they can still trust in the stars. But not only, in a romantic way, in the stars in the sky, but more often, in a practical way, in the stars of Michelin. The famous red guide, in its fifty-third edition in 2008, has become a standard reference for anyone who loves to travel around from place to place. It includes listings of the best restaurants and hotels, in all price categories, compiled by a team of experts.

Michelin and MoleskineThe constant motifs are the professionalism and passion with which Michelin has always remained dedicated to its objective, which is to help make every trip and every departure a moment of pleasure. In 2008, in order to provide an individualized space for the people who provide the ratings and for their personal experiences, Moleskine and Michelin produced a special notebook to accompany the guide.It was specifically designed to help record the impressions of anyone who loves to travel and make notes on his own discoveries.

Michelin and MoleskineEach page is laid out in a way that makes it possible to insert information regarding each place visited, including its particular characteristics and the feelings that it inspires, so that each guide becomes extremely personal. In this way the Michelin stars are able to travel along with the stars that each person decides to grant according to his own classification system to the places he wishes to remember.It is an absorbing way to record one's trip and to collect useful information. All of which can be shared with Michelin by writing to: laguidamichelin-italia@it.michelin.com