At Moleskine we make simple objects that can be turned into powerful communicators through customization projects.

Create a customized Moleskine item for your company gifting activities, loyalty programs, special events and anniversaries, sharing our strong connections to culture and travel.

Les Airelles

In today's crowded world, it's not necessarily the product or service that makes a company stand out, but its story.

Moleskine works with some of the world's leading cultural institutions, universities and companies to help tell their stories. We offer simple, functional objects that can be turned into powerful communicators for the world's best brands. With offices in Milan, New York and Hong Kong, our Custom Editions team creates bespoke communication projects that imbue corporate messaging with meaning, value and emotion.

Whether you're looking to bring an organization closer together, make an event even more memorable, reward top clients or support a PR campaign, start telling your story now.