Rules of use ot the trademark Moleskine on the web (Guidelines)

MOLESKINE is a trademark registered by Moleskine SpA. The trademark MOLESKINE identifies our product and guarantees its quality and originality.

The use of our trademark is granted by the law to our company only and those third parties which received our consent.

Any use of the trademark MOLESKINE or of similar signs without our consent amounts to an unlawful action.

However, there are lawful uses of the trademark MOLESKINE by third parties of which our company is happy, provided that some conditions are respected.

In particular, it is necessary to:
- always use the trademark MOLESKINE with the symbol ;

- never use the trademark MOLESKINE in relation to products which do not originate from our company;

- never use the trademark MOLESKINE as descriptive term and, therefore, substantially, as synonym of generic denominations such as, for example, "note pad", "block-notes", "agenda", etc.;

- always use a disclaimer bearing the wording "MOLESKINE is a trademark registered by Moleskine SpA" at the bottom of the web page.

- accept the conditions of use and have Moleskine's authorization.

Any possible use of the trademark MOLESKINE which does no respect these rules will not be allowed.

To request the authorization to use the trademark MOLESKINE, click here and read carefully the conditions of use. Their acceptance is essential to send the authorization request.