The trademark MOLESKINE is more and more frequently used on the net in various ways.

We are pleased and proud of this because this is the indication of the interest and passion that our trademark can create. However, people using this trademark must be aware of the fact that MOLESKINE is a trademark registered by Moleskine SpA and that it cannot be used without following some precise rules.

MOLESKINE is a trademark registered worldwide by Moleskine SpA, located in Milan, Viale Stelvio No. 66, 20159 - Italy.

We would be happy to allow free use of the same to all those people who find in the name Moleskine a deep connection with their way of being and acting. However Moleskine's story and characteristics, together with the tradition which has been accompanying it from many years, require a very careful evaluation of every single situation.

Through its trademark, Moleskine wants to guarantee the quality which distinguishes its products and the coherence with its values and philosophy. For this reason, we ask all those people who want to use the name and/or the trademark Moleskine in the net to send us their request. Each request will be valued carefully by us and will receive a reply.