May 22th to June 21st - 2009

50 international artists' notebooks are on exhibition at Santralistanbul, Kazim Karabekir Caddesi No: 2/6, Eyup, Istanbul.Amongst them some works contain extensive stories; others are turned into pieces of contemporary art and design.

Visitors have the opportunity to observe the Moleskine notebooks of renowned artists, designers and architects among which, Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, Han Tümertekin, and witness their creative process.

The visitors of the exhibition will live a unique experience by the works representing the contemporary approach of design, alongside notebooks of more spontaneous nature, that are radically personal, or they themselves are significant art objects.



Conserved and turned into santralistanbul by Istanbul Bilgi University, Silahtaraga Power Station was the first city-scaled station of the Ottoman Empire. Built in the Golden Horn -the oldest industrial zone of Istanbul- the station has provided electricity to the city between 1911 and 1983.

detour_istanbul_santral01.jpg detour_istanbul_santral02.jpg

The work to convert this unique national industrial heritage into santralistanbul has been carried out by public and private sector together with non-governmental organizations. One of the most comprehensive artistic and cultural projects in Turkey, santralistanbul has opened in September 8, 2007, with an exhibition titled "Modern and Beyond". Turkey's very first urban power station has been revived through conservation and won back to Istanbul in the form a public functional entity. Alongside the Energy Museum hosted by the meticulously preserved engine rooms of the power station, santralistanbul also houses spaces for contemporary art and cultural activities, a public library, outdoor recreational areas, international artists' residences and educational units.


Istanbul Bilgi University and Domus Academy are the partners ofDetour and myDetour Exhibitions

Domus Academy
In the 80's Domus Academy imposed itself as the first postgraduate school of Design in the world: a place of advanced training and a research laboratory on processes of industrial creativity, on scenarios of aesthetics and consumption, on space-time relations, on utility and private service. Domus academy constantly looks at radical changes linked to new technologies and at the fast and continuous spread of the Information technology networks. The school boasts 9 Master courses, eight of which in Milan and one in Rome, validated by the University of Wales. Domus Academy attracts students from all over the world: in 2009 they are 230 from 45 different countries. All the activity of Domus Academy is designed as a laboratory for research and exploration of future scenarios. The presence of multidisciplinary teams, students from all over the world and the vocation to research, typical of Italian design, are the most important elements, which characterize the work and study environment of the school. As well as the Masters courses, Domus Academy offers a wide range of short courses: Spring Sessions, Summer Sessions, Fall Sessions and Courses for companies and Executives.
Through Domus Academy Research and Consulting (DARC) Domus Academy develops research and professional consulting activities.
In 1994 Domus Academy got the Compasso d'Oro award for the career.

Bilgi Üniversitesi
Istanbul Bilgi University (founded in 1996) with is academic atmosphere, teaching staff and the innovative approach in university education, has taken on a pioneering role regarding the insight to the soul of time from a socio-cultural perspective. Teaching social and human sciences alongside communication, Istanbul Bilgi University - eyeing to achieve its international objectives- has focused on social responsibility through educational, cultural and art projects ever since the very first day. One of the progressive initiatives by Istanbul Bilgi University aiming to pioneer in the fields of education, culture and art, santralistanbul has established as it goal to provide a comprehensive, critical and interdisciplinary international platform contributing to urban revival through intercultural dialog and debate, alongside its various artistic and cultural activities.