Ahmet Öğüt


Born in 1981 in Diyarbakir Ahmet Öğüt now lives and works in Amsterdam. He participates the Istanbul Biennial in 2007 ad in 3 Biennials in 2008 in Berlin, Sidney and Santa Fe, as well as a solo show at the Basel Kunsthalle. In the post 2000 art scene he has a special place with his original personal language, his stance and finally with his never ending energy at work. He is distinguished not only in creating a language of his own but in evaluating over and over again the social /artistic conditions of his environment and proposing critiques/alternatives to it. He ponder upon reality with the irony and humor of his special point of view. Mainly interested in gaps of social dreamers and imperfections in narrative objects found by accident, the artist looks for simple anedots in a longer non-interesting story.

Job: Artist

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