Giorgio Vigna

Vigna The idea for Vigna's notebook comes from his passion of the micro and macro cosmus, something witch he has followed for a long time.

Giorgio Vigna was born in Verona, Italy 1955. He is an artist and designer. He creates jewellery and sculptures. It's artistic course winds around shapes and materials that add resonance to his power of imagination, using elements from nature that echo its most primal and primordial aspects. He operates on the borderline between real and imaginary worlds. His interest into the world of glass has been developed collaborating with Venini, Iittala and Salviati. He produced designs and costume jeweler for operas, films as well as theatre and television productions, and he also created special jeweler collections for international fashion designers. His work has been widely featured in books and magazine world-wide. Giorgio Vigna has exhibited at many major museums, galleries and international exhibitions including the following: Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy - Museo Correr, Venice, Italy - Designmuseo, Helsinki, Finland - Museum of Art, Toledo, Usa - Schmuckmuseum, Porzheim, Germany. Giorgio Vigna teaches, gives conferences and presides over workshops in Italy and abroad. He lives in Milano.

Job: Artist, Designer