Lele Dainesi


Lele Dainesi was born in Milan in 1973. Having graduated in Economics from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, he soon obtained an internship handling the launch of the Internet Banking system of the San Paolo Banking Institute in Turin. His particular bent for studying and analysing marketing phenomena enabled him to win a post-graduate scholarship at the Toniolo Institute, focussing on research in Italy's digital marketing prospects. In 1997 he began serving as management consultant for Deloitte Consulting, writing two books - "NetBanking" and "Internet Day Trading" - published by Apogeo Editore; he also managed and coordinated the first Italian online finance newsletter "NetB@nking Letter 2 Friends". He later joined the Omnitel internet marketing group, for which he created a web channel containing 4 websites: web-care 190.it, corporate omnitel.it, web-services, e-commerce spazioomnitelonline.it.

As Marketing Manager of Omnitel 2000 he developed a strategic marketing plan and took part in the launch of the Omnitel2000 multimedia/TV portal. In the meantime, he produced other publications and collaborated with various newspapers of national repute: Nova - Il Sole24Ore, L'Impresa, Beltel, Internet.Pro, La Stampa Web, Digital Lifestyle, Windows&NetMagazine - with regular columns. Throughout 2003 he travelled regularly between Milan and Düsseldorf as part of the team launching the Push-to-Talk service (walkie-talkie messaging). He served as Editorial Director for the publication of a fortnightly email-magazine, Peppersushi, and collaborated with Key4Biz.it - a leading company in the Internet publishing sector - in his capacity as Director of the Podcast Channel. He took active part in the creation of a TV service (RedTV) for managers, through Internet, IPTV and satellite, handling the podcasting side of things. His undoubted expertise has enabled him today to hold the prestigious office of Executive Communication Manager for the Italian CEO of Cisco, a world leader in the supply of networking solutions.

Job: Blogger, Writer

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