Annie Freud


Annie Freud, poet and writer. Her first home was in Maida Vale where she lived with her parents, Lucian and Kitty Freud. Her parents separated in 1952, shortly before the birth of her sister, Annabel. Her great-grandfather was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psycho-analysis. Annie lived with her maternal grandparents, Jacob and Kathleen Epstein in term-time, until her mother was remarried to the economist, Wynne Godley in 1955 and they moved to Chelsea. Throughout her childhood, Annie grew up aware of the arts as part of her daily life. She received her education at the Lycee Francais de Londres and at Cobham Hall, Kent. She studied English and European Literature at the University of Warwick . After the birth of her daughter May in 1975, she worked as a gallery assistant for Anthony D'Offay and worked in the Rights Department of Heinemannn Educational Books Ltd for four years. Her poems have appeared in a number of magazines and web-sites and in 2005, a small collection of her poems was published by Donut Press, under the title: A Void Officer Achieves the Tree Pose. She is frequently asked to give readings of her poetry. Her next book Best man that ever was will be published on May 2007.