Moleskine Quality


We have always devoted great care to guaranteeing a high standard of quality in our collections. From year to year we refine the procedures that allow us to ensure strict control over complex manufacturing processes, which use a mix of hand craftsmanship and industrial production. 

We have always admired East and South-East Asia for the quality of its raw materials, the care and quality at each step in the production process and the ability to combine industrial and artisanal methods. It is there that paper was invented in the second century when the West was still relying on parchment, and where printing with moveable type arrived as early as the eleventh century - four centuries before Gutenberg. Boasting a great tradition of working with paper, book-binding, paper-folding, calligraphy, and fine inks, it is in these countries that we have found manufacturers capable of blending large volumes of industrial production with the care and individual attention required of handmade craftsmanship. A relatively small portion of our production is done in other places around the world, through specialized suppliers capable of meeting our standards of quality. We dedicate a lot of time and energy to our search for the right manufacturers. We ask all suppliers to submit the relevant international certifications demonstrating the quality of their environmental, social and safety performance during the production process.

Despite our best efforts, there is always the possibility that factors beyond our control may impact on the end result of our objects. The combination of automated and handmade manufacturing may therefore result in small flaws and differences typical of handmade production. Changes in technology or the evolution of chemical components in the pulp can affect our paper collections even from one lot to another. Knowing that, we try our best to maintain a high standard of consistency and quality in our collections. Periodical tests of our entire line allow us to control unwanted changes across a number of parameters. We also have a unique tracking system which follows each lot along the production chain that lets us monitor the different materials being used at every step.

The materials used in Moleskine objects
The materials used in our collection come from all over the planet. For each individual component a thorough and constantly evolving investigation is undertaken to ensure excellence in every detail. Certain components come from Italy and France, others come from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mainland China and Taiwan, and still more: an international network of quality, created with patience and intelligence by a team tirelessly pursuing research and innovation.

All our paper items are made with acid-free paper; the manufacturing process of this variety of paper is environmentally friendly.
Moleskine S.p.A. creates and sells FSC-certified products.
Our non-paper items are made using low-hazard materials which pose no risks to health. Our pens are made of ABS and metal, and out accessories are made with polyester and EVA. Our myCloud Bags use nylon, while our Classic Bags are made with polyurethane.

We produce our packaging in such a way as to keep waste to a minimum. Much of it is designed to be reused, for example the B-Sides of the paperbands which are printed with useful tools, or the wallet packaging, which can be turned into environmentally-friendly photo frames. Find out more about environmental sustainability and Moleskine here.

We thank you for reporting any problems
Many details of a Moleskine object (the details that our customers tend to value most highly) require manual workmanship. The Quality Control sticker tucked into the back pocket of every Moleskine notebook has a unique identification number that lets us trace its production history, so that we can address any quality issues that may arise. Keep it safe in case, despite our best efforts, we have overlooked a defect of any kind. Please let us know by filling out the form at

By reporting any problems that may arise you help us keep a close watch on our quality, so that we can immediately correct any defects that might have slipped past us. We would be very happy to hear from you.