Antonio Marras

Marras Marras's notebook is a sequence of drawings and collages with lots of references to his exploration of fabrics and materials used in his creations. It is also a sequence of short tales about unknown contemporary pirates and the longing for the heart.

Born in Alghero, Italy in 1962, with no formal schooling in fashion but via his father's fabric store, had enough passion for textiles to convince an entrepreneur from Rome in helping him create his first ready-to-wear collection, Piano Piano Dolce Carlotta in 1988. After winning the contemporary Linen prize, in 1992, for a wedding dress that revealed his Sardinian influence, his trademark, he decided to concentrate on one collection, making his haute couture debut, under his own name in Paris in 1996. Today he continues to live and work in Sardinia with his extended family in a home-workshop overlooking the sea. He shown his artworks in various museum worldwide as well as followed special issues of art magazine as art director. He is a leading figure for the worldwide fashion realm.

Job: Fashion Designer