John Giorno


John Giorno is an American poet and performance artist. He founded the artist collective Giorno Poetry Systems and coined its mass communication experiment Dial-A-Poem. He became prominent as the subject of Andy Warhol's film Sleep. He is also an AIDS activist and fundraiser. He was born in New York in1936 and he graduated from Columbia University in 1958.

In 1962, while in his early 20s and working in New York as a stockbroker, he met Andy Warhol. Giorno and Warhol are said to have remained very close until 1964 and their relationship was revived in the last year before Warhol's death. In 1968, Giorno founded Giorno Poetry Systems to connect poetry to new audiences, using innovative technology. In addition to his collaborations with William Burroughs and Laurie Anderson, Giorno has produced a number of albums, tapes, videos and books. "Spoken Word" is like a piece of art. His last book "You got to burne to shine" talk about the Warhol friendship memories including the feature film ' Sleep'' 1963 and the relationship with Keith Haring . In 1968 he created 'Dial-A-Poem'' inventing a new use of the phone. Now he is a true sound poet, organizer, aids activist, and with the founded the Giorno Poetry Systems record label, has produced dozens of spoken word recordings featuring Giorno as well as many of his fellow poets, performance artists and alternative musicians. He currently travel around the world reading his poems in Contemporary Art Museums among which the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Italy and America.