Kevin Walz


Kevin Walz is an American artist and designer living in Rome with a studio in Trastevere, rented from the Vatican, and a design office in New York. He studied fine arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and at the New York Studio School, and exhibited as an emerging artist for several years before accidentally becoming a designer. 

He has lectured and taught at many universities and colleges in the United States and abroad. He has been inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and has won the Rome Prize for design, along with many others awards, all without formally studying design or architecture. His work crosses many disciplines: design products, residential spaces, offices, stores, writing, curatorial projects. All come from a point of view that is about stepping back and rethinking the nature of things and making leaps, using concepts from one field, like dance or boat building and bringing them to another, like lighting and furniture design. Innovation creeps into his work, although never trendiness, since trendiness is never an ingredient of innovation. With a strong intuition about structure, Walz holds time as his favorite subtext. Ultimately, Walz feels no need for a stylistic signature to his work, as the signature is a continuity of thought and an orbit, not a single point of view. He evaluates his work on how it will stand and hold its message over time.