Roberto Caracciolo and Luigi Gallo


Their notebook consist of chapters from Luigi Gallo's novel. The chapters are based on a citation of a Greek philosopher slightly linked to the to the story told in the chapter. The texts were printed on the Moleskine that was dismounted, printed and remounted again by Mr. Aureliano Magnini. When the Moleskine was again in one piece, Roberto Caracciolo made holes that become more and more as you turn the pages. In the last page the wholes compose a written text, that is a citation of the philosopher Eraclito.

Roberto Caracciolo
Born in New York in 1960, lives and works in Rome. He studied at United World College of the Atlantic, Istituto d'Arte di Urbino and at New York Studio School. Currently he teaches at the New York University of Florence. Solo Exhibitions include: 2004 Galerie Blancpain Stepczynski (Ginevra), Galleria Fenderesky, (Belfast). Group exhibitions include: 2005 XIV Quadriennale, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, (Roma), T.E.C. Le tecniche esecutive dell'arte contemporanea, Scuderie Aldobrandini, (Frascati).


Luigi Gallo
Born in Rome, Italia, in 1955. He has written stories that where published in various literature magazines.

Job: Artist & Writer