0.00 Night: the night's diary

000night490.jpgImages of an oniric, surreal and mysterious New York in the dark. People from the independent publishing house Zeropuntozerozero were looking for an alternative way to publish a special series of Renato D'Agostin's color pictures. They asked their friends the same question: What is Night for you?

In one year they received and collected responses from all over the world: a fascinating voyage through the diverse, obscure and shining darkness of the night. Thanks to all them it was created the 0.00 Night notebook. The night's diary.



The notebook is available on www.zeropuntozerozero.com

Zeropuntozerozero is a multidisciplinary independent publishing house founded in 2006 by Olivia Fincato with the collaboration of the photographer Renato D'Agostin focusing on culture, art and photography editorial projects.

Print in MSK format