Almost 100 Chairs for 100 people

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Few objects have received as much attention from designers as the chair. Italian artist, designer and inventor Bruno Munari once famously declared that "there are more chairs than posteriors, so why then draw another chair".

And yet chair designers seem to forget to think about who will be sitting in their chairs. What would a chair made for an explorer look like? And a chair designed for a thinker? 


This new book by Moleskine Books turns the equation on its head and illustrates what chairs would look like if they were designed specifically for the posteriors of different kinds of people. 


"I think an explorer should be suntanned. And tall. Tall because he needs to see everything, suntanned because he's constantly exploring … I've had his ideal chair in mind for a long time. It's simple: climbing up the ladder will do the trick". With a touch of humor the author, Isabella Gaetani Lobkowicz, modifies the legs, backrest and seat of the humble chair to fit (almost) 100 different characters and personalities.

Can you find one to fit yours?

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