1962-2012. The audio cassette
celebrates 50 years

Created in the '60s, it changed the way of playing, recording and listening to music forever. For the first time, anyone could be a DJ. People could make their own mixed tapes.  Self-recorded compilations, put together with the painstaking work of FF and RW, were used at parties, for romantic messages and on vacations, road trips and school field trips for an entire generation.  Then in the '80s, portable tape players came along and cassettes exploded, becoming an icon of that period. 
Today the cassette, on the brink of extinction for recording music, has become a cult object, celebrated in vintage shops and design stores around the world.  
Moleskine dedicates a new limited edition to this object. The cover reproduces the front panel of a tape recorder (large) and a portable player (pocket).  A series of related mini-stickers are included in the pocket.  To complete the collection, you can download related MSK templates at myMoleskine:
Download the MSK template here.
My Recording, a cassette-shaped pocket you can stick to the notebook or Paper Case, to hold paper.  To be printed, cut out, glued and mounted. 
Available, on October 11, at the Moleskine Store and in select stores around the world. 
AudioCassette is the latest in a series of limited editions dedicated to the pop icons of our time: Woodstock, Peanuts, Pac-Man, the Little Prince, Star Wars and Lego. 

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