Back to School: 2015 Planners and Diaries


Moleskine Planners 2015  Moleskine Planners 2015
Remember what it was like on the first day of school? That feeling of excitement for seeing your friends again after a long break. Enthusiasm for a fresh start and new beginnings. Eagerness to start new projects and learn new things. And, the joy of starting a crisp, new Planner. 
For many of us, opening a new diary and writing your name in the "in case of loss, please return to…" label on the flyleaf marks the start of new adventures and new friendships. It's a very personal journey that begins at that point, an intimate moment to cherish as you plan the year ahead. 
Moleskine Planners 2015  Moleskine Planners 2015
Start personalising your 2015 planner now; with a variety of colours, sizes and layouts to choose from, there's something for everyone. Make sure to check out the Slim Panoramic Weekly Diary, a brand new format for those looking to streamline their year in 2015.
Watch Rogier Wieland's stop motion animation of 382 Moleskine planners.

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