Take 2015 into your hands


Moleskine 2015 Planners
Some of our fans may be aware how much we love paper planners because we extoll their benefits quite a lot. This time, rather than talk about how they save you time, battery, sliding and tapping, we're focusing on what it feels like to own a paper planner.
Moleskine 2015 Planners   Moleskine 2015 Planners
From the moment you pick up a paper planner, having chosen your preferred colour, size and layout, a connection is formed. Unwrapping the plastic, releasing the elastic band, flicking through the days and months and settling the ribbon bookmark on the correct day are all part of the pleasures a paper planner can bring to its bearer. 
Moleskine 2015 Planners  Moleskine 2015 Planners
When the pen hits the page, scratching its ivory-coloured surface and pulling across its textured plain, your mark is made. In case of loss, name your reward. Take 2015 into your hands and see your year in front of you. 
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