Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition 12 Month Planners

Take your plans down a rabbit hole in 2017

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Follow your plans wherever they may take you, even if it is down a rabbit hole! With Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Planners the 12 months ahead are bound to get curioser and curiouser.

Choose from two Alice in Wonderland 12 month planners, each with different and unique cover art. Which one will you choose? The Daily Planner with a clothbound cover and illustration of Alice running away from the playing cards, or the Weekly Planner with a white cover featuring the White Rabbit in his guise as herald for the Queen of Hearts?


Whatever you choose your 12 month Alice in Wonderland planner comes with a customized paper band front and end pages featuring original illustrations by John Tenniel and a page of the original handwritten manuscript by Lewis Carroll on the flyleaf.

Preview the various page layouts or mix and match with our Diaries & Planners templates. Download templates for free from

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Alice in Wonderland 12 month planners are available exclusively on the Moleskine Online Store and at Moleskine Stores worldwide.

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