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A planner is more than just a calendar. At the very least, it is a tool that keeps you on track with your deadlines, meetings and appointments. More often than not it is the forecast of the year ahead, and as time moves forwards, it holds the memory of everything you have accomplished, from day to day activities, celebrations, anniversaries and people you have met with, to goals and dreams. 

But with 60 different 12 month planners to choose from in 2017, how do you find the perfect one? 


Daily, weekly or monthly?

Different layouts meet different needs. A daily planner, whether pocket sized or large, or with a hard or soft cover, gives you a full page for every day of the week - ideal for busy people with lots of scheduling to do, for anyone wanting to zoom in on the day to day details or keep a daily diary. Also great if you just like to have a lot of space to play around with!

Weekly planners, with their range of layouts, are great for goal-setting. The two page layout, with calendar days on the left and space for notes on the right, is ideal for keeping those weekly lessons, deadlines or projects in check with enough room for extra info, sticky notes and last minute ideas. The horizontal and vertical layouts are perfect for long term planning, go-to overviews and keeping the headlines of activities in mind.

Monthly planners, which come in pocket, large and extra large, help you keep the big picture view. For truly organized types, color coding activities will reveal long-term patterns. For the less organized, never miss a deadline, payment or meeting again.


Moleskine planners come with soft and hard covers in classic black, scarlet red and a brand new color palette for 2017: malachite green, grape violet, steel blue and coral orange. A palette of tactile, forward looking shades that will bring energy to your year.

Moleskine 12 month planners for 2017 also come in three exclusive limited editions that bring your favorite heros to life: Peanuts Limited Edition for fun lovers, Batman Limited Edition for superheroes, Petit Prince Limited Edition for romantics.

And don't forget - you can add even more personality to your 2017 planner by adding your name, a title or a customized message on the cover. Add your message now.

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