The 47th Montreux Jazz Festival Special Edition notebook

Montreux Jazz Festival
We continue our celebration of the extraordinary heritage of the Montreux Jazz Festival with a new Special Edition Moleskine notebook
As is the tradition, the Special Edition notebook takes its cue from the design of the poster. Crucial tools for the support of artistic talent, festival posters from previous years have been designed by such artists as Milton Glaser, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, and even Phil Collins. This year the poster comes from Oscar Oiwa. The notebook's paper banderole recalls a section of the background. Character sketches of a group of musicians are debossed on the cover in silver. On the inner flyleaf, Oiwa leaves his mark. He describes his concept below:
Montreux Jazz Festival
"It was a great honor for me to create the poster for the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013. My idea was to have musicians of different ages and cultural backgrounds play together in a summer sunset. The abstract landscape represents a mountain with vineyards and a lake. Light is shown coming from all directions,  despite the shadows in the center. The characters are depicted in a style that comes from an area in Northeast Brazil (my home country) named Caruaru, where local people make small figurines using clay.
Thanks to my long time friend Seigen Ono for his collaboration and special thanks to Claude Nobs for his invitation. Unfortunately the visionary man never saw the finished painting and I never met him, but I believe his soul is well represented in this poster."
Oscar Oiwa,
January 24th 2013
Now in its 47th year, the festival has helped shape the careers of some of the most influential musicians of all time, hosting Nina Simone for one of her first concerts; providing a stage for musical greats as well as contemporary emerging groups. The festival has continuously grown as it provides more stages, more artists, more platforms for self-expression and creativity in all its forms.
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Montreux Jazz Festival

Fondation du Festival de Jazz de Montreux © 2013 Artwork Oscar Oiwa

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