Documenting the 66th Festival del film Locarno

Festival del Film Locarno
On the banks of Lake Maggiore, at the foot of the Alps, bouncing off the walls of a medieval town. We’re back in Locarno for the 66th Festival del film. As for the last few years, Moleskine Passions Film Journals and pocket notebooks have been customized specially for the festival, turning them into repositories of notes, impressions and encounters.  
The film festival’s iconic leopard bounds across the paper band towards the elastic closure. In another version artwork by Jannuzzi Smith plays with the theme “Beauty and the Beast”. As the studio explains, it brings together the leopard and the classic tale’s protagonists to explore the relationship of film and film-goer: a merging of object and subject; reflection and absorption; a meeting of minds. 
Festival del Film Locarno  Festival del Film Locarno
The Moleskine Passions Film Journal is your open platform for recording cinematic moments and sharing your thirst for new discoveries. Download the Film Journal MSK template from myMoleskine to bring the tales, talents and trends down from the big screen into your notebook. 
Festival del Film Locarno  Festival del Film Locarno
Follow the Festival del film Locarno team as they document the event by analog blogging sketches, photos and descriptions daily using the hashtags #Locarno66 and #Moleskine.

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