7 notebooks given to lettera27 and to Moleskine

taccuini_490.jpgWho visited Moleskine stand at London Book Fair last April could admire 7 books of Folio Collection, realized by several artists.

All the authors has decided to give Moleskine and the foundation lettera27 their masterpieces.

Thanks to: Connor Willumsen, Joei Lau, Hannah Sheffield, Anna Marie Avanceña, Steven Gosseye, Francesca Bazzurro, Katrin Schöß

Joei Lau
Hannah Sheffield
Anna M. Avanceña
Steven Gosseye
Connor Willumsen
Francesca Bazzurro
Katrin Schöß


 • Connor Willumsen, born on 1986 is a "canadian born" cartoonist. Now he lives in Brooklyn.
Joei Lau, born in Hong Kong in 1968, is both a mother and an artist. She loves to use her mistakes and follow where it takes her. She also loves to keep an art journal which really helps her "to appreciate the world she lives in". She says that "To the most important point my journal gives me a lot of rooms to play with Moleskine's product".
Hannah Sheffield, born on 1974 in London, likes to live "in her imagination where she can draw all day long". Actually her home is now in Heartfordshire, UK. She joins long queues on purpouse so that nothing can be done for a while, tries not to a rush, drinks tea, takes photographs, wonders about a lot of things and above all else loves her dog.
Anna Marie Avanceña, born in the Philippines on 1983, is an Interior Designer. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, painting, art and crafts, photograph and graphic design.
Steven Gosseye, born in Belgium in 1981 is a designer and a sculptor that likes to explore boundaries of human form and psyche by his art.
Francesca Bazzurro was born in Livorno - Italy and lives in Milano. She exhibits in different galleries, i.e Biennale du carnet du voyage di Clermont Ferrand e Galassia Gutenberg.
Katrin Schöß works as a freelance architect. During her day-to-day office routine brain storming gave birth to extraordinary office furnishing modules: in her works she designs in combination with furniture and objects by other manufacturers. Out of this pool one idea is to be selected and developed further so it can be entered for the AIT Architecture and Office Competition.

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