Democratic painting in Berlin

Draftsman's Congress - St. Elisabeth Church, Berlin

Walls of a deconsecrated church transformed into giant blank pages; palettes upon which social themes are discussed using words and drawings. The idea comes from Polish artist Pawel Althamer. Title: Draftsman's Congress. The installation is part of the Seventh Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, dedicated this year to the link between art and politics.

Pencils, charcoal, brushes, paint: there are no rules, the only thing that matters is the honesty of one's ideas. The Congress will continue throughout the Biennale, growing day by day with drawings. Special sessions will be held by the artist, including one organized for Moleskine in which artists and the public use drawings to "discuss" the major conflicts that have affected the world during the last decade.

BiennaleBerlino_new235_02.jpg BiennaleBerlino_new235_03.jpg
BiennaleBerlino_new235_01.jpg blank_space_design_235.jpg

The same open platform concept returns in the Moleskine special edition, designed by Althamer: a black notebook with a white space silk-screened on the cover; the cover is also a blank page. Some of these notebooks will be painted by the author and sold at the Biennale's official bookstore.


More information on the Berlin Biennale is available here

Draftsman's Congress
Seventh Berlin Biennale
April 27 to July 1,
St Elisabeth Church, Berlin-Mitte

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