Beer Journal

Moleskine Passions, the video tells the story of the first notebooks in the series

To talk about beer and its various aspects, Moleskine presents the Beer Journal, the notebook for people who love malt and hops. When you open it there are two designs for making your own coaster, an international glossary with information and curiosities, suggestions from experts and a legend of typical beer glasses from around the world. After that there are the subject sections to take note of your favorites, names, recipes, addresses, tastings and a chapter for trying your hand at homemade beer-making. Blank pages can be customized with notes, drawings, stickers, photos and personal comments.

To try out the page layouts or to download them in your own language, all the templates are available in the myMoleskine section.

Beer Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection, a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life; as of 2012 they number seventeen, including the latest notebooks Art, Chocolate, Restaurant and Home Life. They are all available at the Moleskine Store.

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