Inspiration and Process in Architecture


Moleskine is publishing Inspiration And Process In Architecture, a new series of illustrated monographs dedicated to key figures in contemporary architecture . The first four books of the series have been released in December 2011 and feature interviews, writings, drawings and notes from four international architects: Zaha Hadid, Giancarlo De Carlo, Bolles+Wilson, and Alberto Kalach. Now, two new architects join the collection: Wiel Arets and Cino Zucchi.
The focus is on style and craftsmanship in the creative process, that primordial step of sketches and freehand drawings. Each volume, edited by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, presents a different perspective of the design world. Sketches, scribbles, watercolors and personal notes from each designer are included. 
Inspired by the classic style of printer Giambattista Bodoni, the new series introduces a new clothbound format, with a hard, paper cover and colored spine matching the elastic band. The distinctive features of Moleskine notebooks - rounded corners, elastic closure and inside pocket - are maintained. The drawings inside are printed on glossy coated paper.
The collection Inspiration and Process in Architecture follows the series dedicated to the design world which includes The Hand of the Architect (2009), The Hand of the Designer (2010) and The Hand of the Graphic Designer (2011). 
The monographs are available at the Moleskine Store.  

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