Big Draw: Berlin+Barcelona

BigDraw_490.jpgThis year marks the 11th anniversary of The Big Draw, the month-long drawing season which brings thousands of people together for the hands-on experience of drawing. Started as a local project in London, now takes place in over 1500 venues worldwide, from Berlin to Barcelona, up to Sidney and Hong Kong. Participants - no matter how old, young, amateur or professional - are offered workshops, talks and drawing sessions in parks, schools, museums, art galleries, national institutions, as well as such diverse sites as boxing clubs, subway stations and cafés. Everyone can leave their mark, with collaborative drawings made on hanging paper boards, albums and sketchbooks. They can draw from life, paint huge murals and explore the history of the city while sketching its landmarks.
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The Big Draw in London

As one of the largest and most influential drawing campaign in the world, the Big Draw aims to use drawing to connect visitors, and the wider local communities, with museum and gallery collections, in new and enjoyable ways. On October 24th, "Big Draw - La Festa del Dibuix" will make its debut in Barcelona at the Museu Picasso, including creative workshops by local artists and illustrators throughout the historic district La Ribera where the museum is located .
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La Festa del Dibuix in Barcelona

Moleskine joined the Big Draw campaign supporting the local teams in Berlin and Barcelona with the release of two different custom-made sketchbooks: to draw the past, document the prest and design the future.
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The Big Draw
1 - 30 October

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